Occupy Utopia

Would you go out and protest if McDonalds didn’t sell iPads? Would you create a stink if you couldn’t get your granola bars at a furniture store? Why bother fighting to get something at a particular place, when you could just go and find it somewhere else?

This is the question I have for the occupiers. They want an end of capitalism. They don’t want big corporations, big banks, or millionaire fat cats with their evil excesses.

Well if that’s all you want, I have the place for you! Don’t waste your time camping out on the street in your own filth with the other Marxists, you are barking up the wrong tree! All of you need to get yourselves over to North Korea. It’s got everything you’re looking for. Not only is it the Communist utopia that you seek, but I’m sure Kim Jong Il would welcome you in open arms.

I’m sure you’ll just love it.